Work Life v Home Life

12 June 2020


In some of our recent blogs we have looked at the consequences of Covid-19 on home working, and the adaptations required to allow safe working in our offices.

We have combined both themes into a concept called Work Life v Home Life.

work life v home life

Work Life v Home Life recognises that, as many of us will be working from our homes on a regular basis, we need to find a balance between the two roles. As Architects, we are used to future proofing our buildings, by anticipating changing needs over time, and designing to allow for this change, and we have used the 16 principles in The Lifetime Homes Standard, to measure and confirm the adaptability of our new homes.

Ideas to future proof our homes, both new builds and existing ones, will now need to consider how to provide discrete, safe and professional work areas, so that Work Life can be carried out without adversely affecting Home Life.

The changes may be very small, such as designating a table or a desk for work only purposes, so that devices, files and other work paraphernalia can be left out and not constantly moved out of the way. The changes could be more comprehensive, by taking over a room for an office, converting an unused loft space, extending the house or creating a separate office in the garden.

If you would like to discuss how our Work Life v Home Life concept could be applied to your property please do get in touch.