New ways of working and living

07 September 2020


A previous blog introduced the Work Life v Home Life concept, which recognises how our homes will need to adapt to accommodate home working.

This concept can be developed to consider how small enterprises could operate away from traditional office/workshop space, by providing homes and office space close to each other.

One example could be the re-purposing of town centres to utilise existing buildings for residential and commercial use, as well as leisure, healthcare and educational uses, to support the vitality of these areas.

Another way of achieving this is through new development, where houses are built with adjacent self-contained office space. For example, our scheme for a new house in Wales could be adapted to locate office space in one of the separate elements, to provide professional and discrete accommodation close to the business owner’s/principal’s residence.

new ways of working through a new development

The co-existence of work and home life, coupled with high quality and exceptionally sustainable buildings is a concept we are excited to develop.