Our role in project managing building construction

21 July 2021


In our blog entitled “The importance of Architectural Design” we explain our design principles with the conclusion that good design pays for itself – saving time, money and mental health. So, what happens next? The process of building construction itself.

Our role in project managing building construction

The process of building construction can be described in two steps:

Step 1
Pre-construction. This step includes, acquisition of land or plot, seeking technical help (in particular from Architects), preparing budgets, seeking permission of the appropriate Authorities and approaching a Contractor and/or Subcontractors.

Step 2
Construction. Covering site preparation, foundations, superstructure, masonry works, lintels over door and windows, floor slab and roof structure, door window framing and fixing, electrical and plumbing, exterior and internal finishes. Effectively, building out the design.

Why employ Prime Meridian to project manage your project construction?

Prime Meridian are uniquely placed to undertake this role – we fully understand how the construction process works – start to finish. Architectural training takes a long time. Furthermore, as a Chartered Practice we are required to undertake Continuous Professional Development, to keep our knowledge current and learn new skills.

Designing and organising the construction of buildings is a complex process. Even for the smallest refurbishment we need to be able to juggle our client’s brief and budget, site conditions, planning and building regulations, construction detailing and appointment of a Contractor and Subcontractors, and not forgetting the design itself.

Can I project manage my own house build or renovation?

It is not something we recommend. However, people do, and further it is estimated that 20,000 new homes in the UK every year are self-builds. For both renovations and self-builds, you will still need technical drawings, to enable Contractors to accurately determine the scope of works and provide costs.

What is our approach to building construction project management?

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.”
Charles Dickens

As Architects we are trained to lead projects from start to finish – on time and on budget. We have both experience and the necessary skills to do this, these skills include:

  • Strong communication and Teamwork. This crucial and can not be underestimated, fully aligned with the Client’s objectives and priorities. In addition we are able to utilise existing stakeholder management experience having worked with Contractors, building companies and building suppliers. And of course our Clients over time.
  • Creativity. We understand the building and structural design able to provide timely and creative solutions to problems a project will most likely face
  • Decision-making. Our knowledge as Architects can help to establish the construction site, co-ordinate equipment, arrange for infrastructure requirements, develop a quality control framework, facilitate and receive tenders which includes the selection of Contractors.
  • Negotiation. We bring informed advice across all aspects of the building construction process – this may well include resolving issues with Contractors and Suppliers.
  • Risk Mitigation. We are able to track all the variables that can impact a project. It is important to ensure that the project stays on track – both to time and to budget.

Moving from creation or design to final construction is a complex process. Engaging Prime Meridian to fulfil the role of managing this process, allows our Clients or prospective Clients to concentrate on what they do best – whether as a headmaster, managing a retail or hospitality business or as an existing or future home owner.