Energy Retrofit at Tallowood, Shepton Mallet 2022

11 November 2022


Energy retrofit is a sector that is becoming more and more critical to the housing stock of the UK.

It offers an opportunity for thermally disadvantaged existing dwellings to be brought up to modern standards, allowing for residents to enjoy a more comfortable and healthy living standard and to spend less on energy. It also helps the UK to meet emissions targets, as a thermally efficient building requires significantly less energy to run and accordingly produces less carbon.

At our Somerset office, we have recently completed a thorough deep retrofit of a detached dwelling in the market town of Shepton Mallet.


The existing dwelling had received a “D” rated EPC certificate, indicating that the building was not performing nearly as well as it could have been. This means that more energy was required to maintain comfortable living temperatures, costing the owners more and contributing more to the housing emissions of the country.


After our retrofit designs and measures were implemented and the works complete, the EPC certificate rating has increased significantly to an 97% “A” energy rating. This retrofit has conclusively uplifted this dwelling to its fullest potential, and the future use of this dwelling will require minimal energy input and will produce minimal emissions.

Our goal as a practice is to move forwards with retrofits at the forefront, so that we are doing our part in the efforts against climate change and energy insecurity.