3D tools in architectural design

13 June 2023


As a modern architecture company, we are frequently utilising 3D software to better serve our clients and provide more precise and considered design solutions.

Exploring a site or building in varying stages of 3D development allows us to better understand the existing constraints and unique requirements of a project. It enables us to visualise and contextualise elements of a building from multiple angles, at different scales of detail, so that we can provide a better understanding for ourselves and our clients.

As part of an iterative design process, 3D software allows us to easily make design alterations while updating the visual model.

One exciting benefit of 3D software is the variety of purpose. We are using our software to create informative, barebones models to display one particular aspect in a clear, diagrammatic form but also to create more holistic, presentation standard models that can showcase materials, shading and landscaping.